So I was in the library yesterday taking my online course and I got really bored, so I decided it was time for a Netflix break. I selected my show and it literally loaded in no time. Thats when I realized how fucking fast the school WiFi is…so I then proceeded to illegally download all 10 seasons of Friends since my previous attempts at my house proved unsuccessful. My internet connection had been too weak to handle all 42 GBs of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey. But the school’s WiFi….just maybe it could do it. Halfway through the download a window popped up warning that the download was so big it might alter the internet server’s connection. So naturally, after the word “warning” appeared on my screen I paid no attention and pressed “Continue anyway”…BAM the school’s WiFi crashed. It took a full 24 hours to fix it. I just wanted to watch Friends


wow I can’t believe the Jonas Brothers aren’t brothers anymore

Getting lost in my mind is not a good thing. Please get it over with, love. The waiting game is the worst.




pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything